Børre Bratvold
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9.08.2010: Marketing Manager for Scandinavia at Timberland

2.02.2010: Senior Graphic Designer at Inkognito AS
Applied for a serious job after years of freelancing - proud to say I got the first :-)

1.05.2008: BEBE moves in with LOS&CO
I miss working with some of the best creators.

30.04.2008: BEBE leaves GREY Oslo
New management - changes...

01.11.2006: BEBE refreshes to v2.0 - in close collaboration with Grey Worldwide
With a new redesigned web with a jpg and 10 links I will conquer the world!

01.01.2006: BEBE goes to Supernordic™
2006: Moves to the tallest officebuilding in Oslo - the KPMG-buliding 18. th floor

02.05.2005: BEBE goes to GREY World Wide AS
2005: Moves to a respectable townhouse at Solli plass - we have Alfred Nobel as neighbour :-)

20.02.2005: BEBEGRAFISKDESIGN* is 10yrs old!!!
2004: Bought myself a nice G5; NOW I'm ready – after all theese progressbars...
2004: Converted to Nikon D series – have already done a few jobs with it as well... earned itself in.
2004: Again... moved together with Modest (Runde Døli) to Torgata 11 :-) another nice loft.
2002: After moving around like a loonie, we have now formed a collective with 2 designers and 2 programmers located at Aleksander Kiellandsplass together in a floor with lots of potential.
There are photgraphers, journalists, writers, designers, componists and even a printshop here!

Y2K: 2 yrs part-time at Fruitcake OSL
I was picked up in good old drive-by style when Stein Kvae and Hasse Lindmo came up to me and asked if I wanted to work with them - fantastic concept
2000: Bought my second and third Mac... (Cube G4 and PowerBook G3) somewhat more up-to date than the old Power PC 8100AV.
1999: Started to look more into video and editing.

01.01.1999: Started fulltime with BEBEGRAFISKDESIGN*
Electric Farm decided that they should consentrate on their core business, which was programming and system development. The design department was terminanted by the end of 1998 

1997-1999: ArtDirector at Electric Farm AS.
There were already 2 designers and 2 programmers working in EF.

1997: Bought my first Mac for freelance graphic design ...a 8100/80AV with 2 gigs drive.
1996: Bought my second PC for freelance graphic design

1995: Started my own firm; Bratvold Børre Grafisk Design.
When working for Scala we had the opportunites to work as a freelancer, as long as it did not compete with the companys interests.
1995: Bought my first PC for freelance graphic design
1994: Bought my dear Nikon F3 (for photoexperiments)

1993 - 1997: ArtDirector / Graphic Designer at SCALA Computer Television AS.
Worked with the Scala GUI, Point Of Sale customers, Scala's visual profile and concept development with Scala's collaborators.

1992 - 1993: Did my duty for Norway.
(as a Graphic Designer at Haakonsvern, Bergen)

1992 - 1992: Screen Designer at Scandinavian Micro Systems AS.
I worked as a "screen-designer" for a cruiseboat system. This was a AMIGA based system, running a special version of Scala Info Channel

1991: Trainee at Butler Cornfield & Dedman.
A teacher at school knew some people in London, so they fixed me a internship there. -came home broke after a month or two :-(

1990 - 1991: Idefagskolen, Tønsberg (Deco/Graphic Design school)

September 1, 1991 at 10:50 I formatted my first computer disc; a AMIGA floppy.
This was the beginning of my career in computer graphics.

1989 - 1990: Lunde Videregående Skole (Artschool)

1987 - 1989: Klosteskogen Videregående (2 yrs of mechanics)